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Happy 26th Pastoral Anniversary
Pastor James C. Ward & First Lady Idell Ward

Please enjoy the congratulatory video and messages.

Also, scroll to the bottom to view a montage of the 25th anniversary celebration!

We celebrate your 26th pastoral anniversary.  We appreciate your service, love, dedication, commitment, and leadership to our congregation - the greatest church in the universe.

~ Lorenzo & Sylvia Harris

Congratulations Pastor and First lady Ward on your 26th pastoral anniversary. Jeremiah 3:15 says: “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Pastor Ward thank you so much for feeding me with knowledge and understanding not only by preaching the word but by living the word. May GOD continue to keep and bless you and the First Lady Ward.

~ Alfreda Owens

Happy 26th Pastoral Anniversary to the Greatest Pastor and First Lady in the Universe.  Thank you for your leadership through wisdom and prayer.  GOD Bless

~ Deacon and Deaconess Jones and Family

Congratulations on 26 beautiful years of service! Our family wishes you many more years of service at Antioch. May God continue to shine on you both!

~ John and Min. Frances Pinckney and Family

Pastor and Sister Ward it has been a pleasure serving under you because of the love and knowledge you demonstrate. Happy 26th Anniversary with many more to come.

~ Minister Lancewell Kendall

Thank you Pastor and Sister Ward for being our pastor for 26 years. We all have been there the 26 years. We pray that God bless you

~ Min. Vernell Stark, Sis Nikita Cobb Barrett, and Minister Audrey Guthrie

Happy Anniversary Pastor and First Lady Ward! Love you so much!

~ Deacon Henry and Deaconess Karen Hill

Pastor James and First Lady Idell Ward. Today we celebrate you for 26 years working in God's Kingdom. We appreciate both of you.Thank you.

~ Annie E. Ward

Congratulations Pastor Ward and 1st Lady Ward on your 26th anniversary.  We wish we could celebrate with you in person as we have done in the past but accept our virtual hug instead. Happy Anniversary!Much Love!!!

~ Deacon Quinn and Deaconess Quinn

We in the Youth Ministry wish you a Happy 26th Anniversary.  Thank you for your support over the years in all we do such as attending youth events, supporting us academically and making sure we have the resources to make things happen.  We miss you both and cannot wait to see you soon.  

~ Antioch Lithonia Youth Ministry

Dear Pastor Ward, You are a Preacher, a teacher, a musical innovator, and a friend. Thank you for guidance, your service, and your faithfulness.

~ Eddie and Jennifer Green

Greetings, Pastor and First Lady Ward, May God pour out His blessing upon you, His faithful servants as you continue to grow in Christian Service!

~ Bro. Eddie Green President, Senior Ministry (NTO’S)

Happy 26th Anniversary Pastor and First Lady Ward!

~ Min. Velma Rentz

Congratulations Pastor Ward and Sister Ward on 26 years at Antioch Lithonia! I'm so honored to be a member of your church. May God bless you!

~ Heather Sorenson

Pastor Ward and First Lady Mrs. Idell Ward: Many Blessings to you for 26 years as Pastor and First Lady at the Greatest Church in the Universe! Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church. Daniel 12:3a "Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens"

~ Worship Technology Ministry & Media Inspirations

Celebrating the two of you and God's work in your lives- the love you've given, the commitment you've shown, the inspiration you've been. May your future years be filled with more faith, more love, and more joy.

~ Deacon Ricky and Deaconess Patricia Lee

Happy Anniversary Pastor !!!! May the Lord allow you to witness His Glory in the fruit of your ministry!

~ Gary Phillips/ Mercy Entertainment

Congratulations on your 26th Pastoral Anniversary. “Preach On, O Preacher". We love you.

~ Anthony M. and Brenda W. Golden

Happy 26th Anniversary. May God continue to Bless you. Much love!

~ Doretha Ward

Pastor and 1st Lady! I hear it's your anniversary! Happy Anniversary and Here's wishing you many more!

~ Dec. Charles and Susan Jones

Congratulations on 26 years of dedicated service.  We ask God to bless you with good health, wealth and wisdom as you continue to lead our congregation.

~ Deacon James O. Patterson & DSS Irma J. Patterson

Congratulations! Remember: King Jesus Is Alive!"

~ Victor C. Johnson

To the best pastor and first lady ever, PSD thanks God for sending the two of you. We appreciate your devotion, dedication, love, spirit, teachings, and your wisdom.

~ Personal Support and Development Ministry

To our Pastor and First Lady: Thanks for your leadership, the example you set, and the blessing you are to our church.

~ Carolyn Slaughter

Preach On, O Preacher, You Got To Work Your Calling!

~ Mark Hayes

Thank you for your weekly & inspiring words from God, followed by the unique way you teach your congregation a little Alkebulan, (African) History. Happy Anniversary!!!

~ Lynette Crawford

Happy Anniversary Pastor and Mama Ward.  So thankful and blessed to have you in our lives.  Love you.

~ Rev Gus and Felicia Paxton

Congratulations to you and First Lady Ward. “Brother in song sing on!”

~ Dr. David Morrow and the Morehouse Glee Club

Happy 26th Pastoral Anniversary!  Thank you for your faithful and dedicated leadership and service.  May God continue to bless you.  We love you.

~ Alvin, Ida and Amelia Henderson

Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. Thank you for your friendship and the use of Antioch-Lithonia for the composer symposia.

~ Joseph Martin

Congratulations to you and Mrs. Ward on your 26th anniversary. Hal Leonard is fortunate to have your compositions in our catalogue.

~ Stacey Nordmeyer

Pastor & Sister Ward we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your Spirit filled leadership and your unadulterated Godly teachings of the Word.  You both are an inspiration to us in ways that you may never realize. We love you and may God continue to bless You

~ Pastor Clyde & Minister Junice Robertson

God has - Called you, Chosen you, Ordained you, Gifted you, Equipped you, Anointed you, Instructed you, Guided you, Empowered you, and Blessed you. Through Christ.

~ Minister Cecil and Addie Poe

Congratulations. We enjoyed performing O Sing and Nothin' But Glory. We are still waiting for you to join and don't say you can't sing. Love you.

~ Cynthia Rivers and The Wendell P. Whalum Community Chorus

We thank you for your teaching, deep Biblical understanding, family, time, and talents.  With affection and gratitude, we thank God for the two of you.

~ Deacon Mendez Jeffries & Family

A teacher's greatest joy is to see former students excelling. Keep preaching and keep writing beautiful music.

~ Joyce Johnson- Spelman College

Blessings on your Pastoral Anniversary.  We are blessed as you share God's Love and His Word with us.  Thank you for your loving, caring hearts.

~ Thornton and Frances Anderson

Pastor Ward and First Lady, Thank you for your ministry, your leadership, and your genuine authenticity. The care and concern you show for your congregation is remarkable. Congratulations on 26 years!

~ Dianne Porter

To Pastor Ward and First Lady Idell Ward.  Thank you for your love and support to the ALMBC Deaconess over the years.  We really appreciate your leadership!!!  From Deaconess!

~ Deaconess

In Acknowledgment of Your 26th Pastoral Anniversary.  Thank You Both for your Commitment, Faithfulness, Guidance, & Love as you lead God's People!

~ The Myers Family (Minister Maurice, Sister Adrienne, London)

On behalf of the Christian Education Ministry, we wanted to wish you a Happy 26th Pastoral Anniversary.  We appreciate all your leadership and vision.  You both are truly a gift from God!!

~ Min. Anthony Norman

Happy 26th pastoral anniversary Pastor and First Lady Ward!  You are greatly appreciated for all that you do to ensure spiritual growth of the members of Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church.  Additionally, you are celebrated for the example that you set each day of how to be servant leaders.  Deepest congratulations from Patrice and I on your 26th pastoral anniversary and many more to come!

~ James/Patrice Peek

Happy 26th Anniversary Pastor James Ward! I am grateful for the many years of your knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. You inspire me greatly. God Bless.

~ Min. Pamela E. L. Goodman

Pastor and First Lady Ward, the knowledge, leadership, and love you share with Antioch is a blessing from God.  Happy Anniversary!

~ Deacon John and Deaconess Shelly-Ann Fluker

Congratulations Pastor and First Lady Ward on your 26th Anniversary at Antioch. We love you!

~ Healing Hearts

Congratulations Pastor and First Lady Ward! You are loved and appreciated. To God be the Glory for 26 years of Godly Leadership and service!

~ Teresa Mance & Family

Happy Anniversary to you and First Lady Ward. Thank you for allowing me to provide accompaniment for the Day of Remembrance Concert.

~ Alta Tena Sutton

"And I will give you PASTORS according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” To Pastor and First Lady Ward on behalf myself and the entire Ace Ministry we want to wish you a happy 26th pastoral anniversary. May God continue to Bless you as you continue to lead us, teach us, and guide us. We Love You!!

~ Cynthia R Jasper/ ACE Ministry

Happy Anniversary May God Continue to Bless & Grow your Ministry. Thank you for being a beacon of light during the dark days of this pandemic.

~ Deacon Emmry and Deaconess Jenea Kennedy

Happy “26th Pastoral Anniversary Pastor & Sister Ward " ! Thank you for the Preaching, Teaching, Listening, Hugs & Love you have given us through the Years. We Love You Dearly !

~ Deacon George & Deaconess Myrtice Davis-Carter

To God be the glory.  Thanks for the love and support you have given to our family.  Wishing you a happy and joyous 26th anniversary!!

~ Satrick, Katrina, Kennedi & Jaden Anthony

Congratulations Pastor and First Lady Ward on your 26th Anniversary!  We thank God for you and pray for continued blessings!

~ Dea. Robert & Valerie Ayer and Family

On behalf of Gail and myself, we would like to congratulate Pastor Ward and Mother Ward on their 26th Pastoral anniversary here at Antioch. Your leadership and support of individual ministries have been instrumental in the progression of our Church individually and our position in the Community collectively. May God continue to empower you to continue to move our Church forward and upward into the future. Thank you!

~ Deacon & Deaconess Kent and Gail Boyd

We love you Pastor and First Lady and pray that you will be with us for many more years. Thanks for all you do!

~ Antioch Lithonia CHEW

Happy Anniversary!! May God continue to bless you. I love you.

~ Mary Dawson

Congratulations Pastor and First-Lady Ward for 26 years of service at Antioch Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church. We pray God strengthens you both for many more years of service. 

~ Reverend Walker B. Moore and Mother Sasandra E. Moore 

Congratulations to Pastor & Mother Ward on their Twenty-Six Anniversary at Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church.

~ Willie Reese and family

The Wilkerson's would like to wish you a very Blessed 26th pastoral anniversary.

~ Deacon Lorenzo and Deaconess Doris Wilkerson

Happy Anniversary to the Greatest Pastor and First Lady!! Thank you for your continuous support and love towards the young people. We look forward to many more years of service under your leadership. Thank you and Love you both!!!

~ Antioch Young Adult Ministry

Please enjoy this video montage of the 25th Pastoral Anniversary celebration. 

    "God's grace and mercy allowed us to be the greatest church in the universe." ~Pastor Ward

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