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Happy 27th Pastoral Anniversary
Pastor James C. Ward & First Lady Idell Ward

Please enjoy the congratulatory video and messages.

Congratulations to you and First Lady Ward. I am so honored that our paths crossed in such a fruitful way. I am blessed to be an honorary member of your church and to have a special connection to your loving family. The Ward family is a model of love and support and has provided great leadership and grace for many generations. I have learned so much from your sermons and our conversations. My knowledge of history has so many holes in it, but thanks to you some of the holes are now being filled. You, First Lady Ward, and your sisters are some of the bright lights of my life.

~ Heather Sorenson

Congratulations and thank you for your twenty seven years of Pastoral service and dedication to Antioch. Your preaching, teaching, and caring have enlightened and inspired us. Preach on until God says Well done! Well done! Well done!" We love you."

~ Deacon Anthony and Brenda Golden

Pastor Ward and Sis. Ward,

Congratulations on your 27th Pastoral Anniversary at Antioch-Lithonia! May God continue to bless you with love, joy, peace and many, many blessings.

~ Carmela Kidd

Happy 27th Anniversary Pastor and 1st Lady!

When I relocated to Atlanta Georgia from San Diego, California, I prayed and cried to God for another Church home like my old church, but God did me one better, and to make a long story short, I was directed to Antioch-Lithonia MBC, and I have not looked back.  Under your pastoral guidance, Pastor Ward, I have grown so much in the Word and I'm continuing to grow. I thank God for you, and I thank God I'm a member of the Antioch-Lithonia family.  Sis Ward you are a lovely soul and thank God you too. You have shown us what a woman of God and follower of our Lord and Savior should look like, and you give the women of Antioch the aspiration to walk stronger and taller in the Lord, thank you. 

I love you both, and ain't nothing you can do about it!!!  Thank you both for your leadership of 27 years.

Antioch-Lithonia MBC has been so blessed to have each of you, and I hope to have many more years of the Godly leadership that we have at Antioch-Lithonia MBC. May blessings and peace continue to be with you both! 

~ Sis Cusseta Bolden (a member since 2013)

Today I was moved by your message. I thank you for your many down to earth and inspiring messages. I like the way you inject a little humor as well. Congratulation Sir. May God Bless You and Your Family. Also thanks for the history lessons.

~ Terry Cunningham

Thank you Pastor and Lady Ward for your leadership. You are a blessing to our church. May God continue to bless you.

~ Todd and Donna Wynn and Family

Pastor Ward and First Lady Ward,

Happy 27th pastoral anniversary. My family and I pray that God continues to strengthen and bless you so you may continue to be a blessing to Antioch (the greatest church in the universe). Love you both

~ Bertha Thirkill and Family

Congratulations Pastor and Sis. Ward on 27 years serving as our Shepherd.  We appreciate your dedication, guidance and and loving spirit.  You are a blessing to our congregation. We pray that God will continue to bless you and your family.

~ Deacon Robert & Deaconess Valerie Ayer

Congratulations! Preach on, o preacher. You got to work your calling! Don't you stop till God says, "Servant. well done."

~ Mark Hayes

On behalf of the Turner Family and the Worship Support Ministry, we thank you for 27yrs of Leadership, Love, and Sacrifice for the greatest church in the universe!!

~ Deacon Lonzo and Deaconess Rosa Turner

Congratulations! I have not met you personally, but I have watched you online for about a year. It was by the grace of God that I stumbled onto your sermons. They are inspirational and educational. You add humor at the right time.  You possess a treasure trove of knowledge. Please continue to share it with the world.

~ Carnella Greene-Norman (Jefferson County District Court, Judge-Retired)

Congratulations Pastor James and First Lady Idell Ward on your 27th Pastoral Anniversary. Peace and Blessings always. Love,

~ Annie E. Ward

Brother in song, sing on! Brother in Christ, preach on!

~ David E. Morrow- Morehouse College Glee Club

Congratulations Pastor and First Lady Ward on your Pastoral Anniversary! We thank you for 27 years of faithful service, leadership, compassion and love. May God continue to bless you. We love you.

~ Alvin, Ida and Amelia Henderson

Congratulations to you and First Lady Ward for 27 years of dedicated service to the kingdom. Keep preaching that "King Jesus Is Alive."

~ Victor C. Johnson

Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. Your sermons have so much depth and yet are so easily understood. Your knowledge of history and music theory are mystifying. Maybe one day the Lord will allow us to collaborate on a project.

~ Elaine Hagenberg

Happy Anniversary Pastor Ward and 1st Lady Idell Ward. Thank you for your great  leadership. GOD'S continued BLESSINGS to you both.

~ Ann Garrett

Congratulations on 27 years of faithful service! Thanks for being our Shepherd and 1st Lady!

~ Deacon and Deaconess Quinn

Pastor Ward and 1st Lady Ward

Happy 27th Pastoral Anniversary

~ Youth Ministry

Congratulations! We love your version of Lift Every Voice and Sing. We watch you preach every week. You are a great inspiration to each of us. We talk about your sermons all the time.

~ Hunter College Choir, Dr. Michael Sheetz, Director

Happy anniversary Pastor and First lady Ward.

Thank you for teaching us the word, for being an anointed and gifting us with your leadership, appointed by God to lead to lead us to his throne, thank you for your commitment to excellence, to music and so much more and last but not least, thank you for your heart of righteousness and how you walk it out which teaches us to do the same! May god bless you both with 27 more years of ministry!

~ Sammie and Medline Johnson

Dear Pastor Ward,

Congratulations on 27 years as Pastor of Antioch Lithonia Baptist Church. I'm so very proud of all the great work you are doing. May God continue to bless you with many wonderful years as Pastor and preaching His word!

~ Doretha Ward


Happy Pastoral Anniversary;  For These Last 27 Years, Antioch-Lithonia Has Truly Been Blessed As A Congregation.  We Appreciate Your Wisdom And Leadership. We Thank God That You Were Led To Antioch!!

~ Ministers Anthony & Wanda Norman

    "God's grace and mercy allowed us to be the greatest church in the universe." ~Pastor Ward

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