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A Letter To Our Youth
A Letter To Our Youth

Each day, we awake with a renewed spirit and the opportunity to be better than we were yesterday. You may have done something amazing yesterday...great job! Today is a new day, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not here yet. Have you done something as or even more amazing than yesterday? Challenge yourself to continue to grow and be better, smarter, faster, etc that you were yesterday. If you are not continually growing, learning, and being better - you are standing still. If you are standing still, those who are still moving will pass and leave you behind. Don’t get left behind - challenge yourself to grow and keep moving towards your goals! We are very grateful and thankful for the consistent attendance and participation in Youth Church. Within Youth Church, we have planned lessons and events for the youth that will continue to help them grow spiritually. Our goals of increasing attendance, improving our youth’s knowledge of the Bible, and helping them grow are still priorities. Let’s continue to grow and be better than we were last year!

Deacon Dennis & DeaconessTammie Quinn 

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